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equipment | Polar Loop

_Summary | Not quite sure what to make of this… complex stuff…

Polar | loop - package

Polar | loop – packaging

Interesting enough I ordered the POLAR LOOP shortly after buying the NIKE+ FUELBAND SE. And that wasn’t a coincidence. I thought initially the lack of functions and ridiculuous inacuracy of the FUELBAND SE would bother me in the midterm, but after around 1 week with it, I actually started to like the incredible comfort the FUELBAND SE. That’s when the POLAR LOOP arrived. At first ou notice the a bit lackluster packaging of the LOOP (see pic). OK, it’s a lot cheaper (50€) than the NIKE competition but that doesn’t necessarily justify shabby packaging. After unpacking it the next shock, the armband of the LOOP needs to be manually “adjusted” or more precise: you need to get out the scissors and  cut the damn thing on both sides, oh and before I forget it: you need to use the precision gear included in the pack in order to separate the clasp from the armband. In one word: stupid!
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equipment | Nike+ FuelBand SE

_Summary | stylish motivation missing out on the basics

Nike+ | Fuelband SE

Nike+ | Fuelband SE

Just got the NIKE+ FUELBAND SE in the mail the other day. After months of considering whether to get the JAWBONE UP, the FITBIT FLEX; the POLAR LOOP or the NIKE+ FUELBAND SE I finally decided for the latter. The decision was not an easy one as the FUELBAND SE isn’t necessary the cream of evolution among the activity trackers.

It does not track movement acurrately except walking, it does not work in water, it does not measure pulse, heartrate or anything concretely related to your body, it only connects with iOS devices and actually only really with the iphone.
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