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(all the text on this page is only important for Germany)

External Links

This site contains external links (links to 3rd party websites) For the content of those websites only their respective owner is liable. When initially linking them, we checked the sites for potential illegal activities. At that point in time, no illegal activities where openly visible. We do not have any influence on the content of those sites or their future development. We explicitely do not own or pretend to own the content behind the links. An ongoing control of those external links regarding their compliance to local regulation is not possible. As soon as we are informed or recognize illegal or non-compliant activities, we will immediately remove the links.

Copyright Law

The content of this website is protected by intellectual property rights. Each utilization against the German copyright act, needs to be agreed on in writing by the owner or author himself. This relates explicitely to the copying, editing, translation or processing in databases or other electronic media.Content from 3rd parties are market as such (in the tags or as reposts). The The unauthorized reproduction of single content pieces or of the complete page is not allowed and punishable, unless consented by the author. Only the duplication or download for the personal, private and non-commercial usage is allowed.
Links to the website are always welcome and do not require our consent. Showing the website in a foreign frame does require the consent of the owner (= me)

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